Thursday, May 2, 2013

An affliction for Reading

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My writer friend, A J Ponder, has a website called "An Affliction of Poetry".   If I had a website like hers, I guess I would call it "An Affliction for Reading".   I got really into reading heavily at age 9 when I was living in New Plymouth.  I was in complete ecstasy because the NP Library had Enid Blyton books whereas most other NZ library areas refused to buy Enid Blyton;  she was considered a bad influence.   Three times a week I went to the New Plymouth Library.  I was only allowed to take out three books at a time, and this rule almost killed me because I couldn't get enough.

Up until last December, I visited Miramar Library two or three times a week. Often more.  Last year, I knew all my librarians by name, their hobbies, their holiday plans, family info etc    My main reads were non-fiction. 

A year ago, I bought a Kindle.  There were dozens and dozens of Free Books.  I was in heaven,  After six months, I got into the .99c books.,  Then, $1.99.  Then 2.99.  Then .... I was hooked!   Curse you, Kindle!!!!

When I broke my Kindle (see earlier writings for January 2013), I developed cravings so terrible that it was like I had suddenly stopped eating chocolate.

This week, I visited Miramar Library for only about the second time this year to discover the library now has a host of new librarians.  I know nothing about them..   Oh my goodness, I am such a turncoat!  Kindle, I hold you totally responsible.

But, honestly, what's a woman to do, when the Wellington Library system has like one hundred vampire romances in their system, and Kindle has, like, 5000.  And then there's all those werewolf romances, zombie romances, comedy romances, time travel romances...   I put my foot down, however, on romance romances; I won't read them.

And, come to think of it, when did I turn into a romance reader?  Kindle is to blame, naturally.

 I also love anything to do with hiking the Appalacian Trail.  The Wellington Library system might have half a dozen such books.  Kindle has dozens.

Now, I'm reading all through the nights.  I finish one book in a series, and straight away buy the next and read that then and there, then I buy and read the third book.  I suddenly look at the clock, and it's 5 a.m., and I've bought and read three books since 9 p.m!  I have to re-charge my Kindle every day.

Oh dear, I'm a hopeless case.  I figure I need a Kindle Addicts sponsor.

Above:  Miramar Library

The cat sculpture outside the Miramar Library.  Vandals have broken the cat's ears.

p.s:     1st MAY :  HATAITAI BEACH SWIM :  27 MINUTES!!!!   

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