Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hataitai Beach Storm damage, Wellington, New Zealand

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Roving reporter J, and her accompanying ace photographer T were passing Hataitai Beach at low tide yesterday.  J was devastated to see that the storm had caused havoc on our beloved steps that lead down into the water.

What?  We won't be able to plunge from the deck steps straight into the sea?  We (shudder) will have to plod out into the water from the sand?    But ...  But ..we don't want to go through the slow freezing torture of wading out!  And we certainly don't want  grubby wet gritty sand and shells and dead sea creatures and used condoms and ice block sticks jammed between our tootsies as we trek that extra freezing minute from the water  across the sand and back into the changing sheds after our swim!  Oh, Jiminy Cricket! - my life is ruined.    We were so spoiled with our steps.

I guess Wellington City Council will want to repair the streets, and prune the trees, and see to their blown-off roofs, and alter the water temps in their swimming pools before they look at the steps at Hataitai Beach.  We'll just have to not-grin and bare-oops-bear it!

And, just think, we were all set to ring up this week and ask WCC if they would please scrub the slippery slime off the aforementioned steps....  Sigh.

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