Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wellington Storm

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As I type this it is 10.00 a.m. Fri morn, and the storm that has been racing up New Zealand hit Wellington last evening.  The wind in my suburb was 150km p.h.  It was 200 km p.,h. on Mt Kaukau (just out of Wellington city).  For about a half hour there, I was scared that my heavy wooden front door would not stand up against the gale-force winds.  I haven't traversed my street yet, but from the window I can see a lot of wheelibins strewn about.

My friend J has to battle her way out to the Hutt Valley this morning for an appointment.  I hope she can make it in good time.  She tells me that her area is like a disaster-area, with uprooted trees everywhere.  For her sake, let's hope the road running alongside the Hutt Valley rail tracks is not too debris-littered

Apparently all the local trains that bring workers in to Wellington from the Hutt have been stopped because of the harbour water roaring up onto the shore and causing erosion.  Here's a pic from the Stuff website:

Wellington storm


I've just knocked off writing this blog to answer a phone call from my friend, A J Ponder, who lives on the other side of the harbour.  Their electricity and landline phones are out and they don't know for how long.  Oh dear.

I always feel awful when we have bad weather days and there are tourists about.  What terrible tales they'll tell about my city.  The same with the actors who are here filming The Hobbit II movie - their words hold tremendous weight once they're home and telling others about our weather.   Oh, incidentally, the studio had a small fire on their set a couple of days ago that necessitated a stop in filming

We definitely won't be mid-winter swimming today or tomorrow.  Thank goodness, J and I did Our Mid-Winter Swim last Saturday.

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