Monday, June 24, 2013

Wellington Storm aftermath

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Yesterday and today I went for a walk and I was shocked how much in the way of branches,twigs, leaves were up and down and over and across every street and road.  It seemed, also, that there were loads of work crews out and about pruning trees and clearing up after Thursday's big Wellington (New Zealand) storm.  I am very appreciative of Wellington City Council.  On The Big Storm Day, it was too wet and windy for me to take my recycling wheelibin out to the footpath but, heavens-to-Betsy, the recycyling guy came into my property, took the bin out, emptied it, and returned it ... all in a howling gale.  Thanks WCC, that was appreciated.

Miramar's two main roads - Miramar Avenue and Park Road - are lined both sides with Pohutakawa trees.  For my one overseas reader, the Pohutakawa tree is sort of New Zealand's national tree.  It is called the New Zealand Christmas Tree because it blooms around Christmas.  Maori legend has it that if it blooms before Christmas we are going to have a good summer, and the opposite if it blooms after Christmas.   Anyway, there was a load of Pohutakawa debris all around Miramar.  Here is a Pohutakawa (okay, I cheated - it's not a Miramar Pohutakawa.  I took the photo at Ohope Beach last year).

Whilst I was out walking I could see the Stone Street Studios from an opposite hill.  Unfortunately the sun was shining right into the camera, but you can get an idea of how big The Green Screen is.

The second photo is a studio security guard box at a side entrance in Stone Steet.  Apparently the guard box blew right over in last Thursday's storm.  Note how it had to be anchored down by two large concrete blocks ,and ties, in case it blew away again.


Above is a photo I took today of the main entrance of Stone Street Studios in Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand, where The Hobbit Parts II & III are being currently filmed..  We now have a myriad of Camry Hybrids zipping around the area, ferrying VIP stars here, there, and everywhere.

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