Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trailer , 'The Hobbit" Part II

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As I type this it is 7.30 a.m., Wed 12 June, and the trailer for the second Hobbit  (The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug) movie has been released.   Oh dear, I can neither pronounce nor spell 'Desolation" and 'Smaug" so what hope for me with this movie....   Ooooh, it looks scary!   Full of action.  Hope Aidan Turner gets a bigger role.

I figured something was up yesterday as I was walking past the Park Road Post (Production) building.  I was almost mowed down by a plethora of folk barrelling out .  "Ah ha," I thought, "What's on the horizon ...?"  Usually, the staff etc all roll up en masse at Park road Post when there is something important to be viewed or talked about.

I see, too, that Hobbit filming is taking place on Mt Crawford.  I went up there when they were filming "King Kong", via a back track route.  Because I had to climb-stagger-stumble through a large open area, I was spotted by the security section way before I reached the top of the hill and ordered back down again.  But I did manage to get a great glimpse of Skull Cave, etc.  Last year, I got a fantastic view of  a "village" on the top of Mt Crawford, from a plane I was on.  I couldn't wrestle my camera out in time to snap a photo.

Anyway, the extras who are filming on the Mt Crawford location and thereabouts are flossied up, dressed,  prepared for filming in a huge tent just opposite the Miramar Wharf.  Here's a photo that I took last year.

And here is Park Road Post.

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