Monday, June 10, 2013

third swim for June at Hataitai Beach! Yippee

Hi there
J and I had made a pact that there would be no swimming today after our gym circuit.  But, oh,, the weather was so lovely, and the sea was flat and clear.  So, we burrowed in our respective car boots ('trunk' if you're American), came up with ratty old lightweight bathing suits, and took the plunge.

After my swim and, as usual, I went to Countdown Supermarket in Kilbirnie.  I swear the store had the cold air conditioning going in their fresh fruit section as well as their chiller section.   There was a truly cold blast as I walked through the automatic doors.  I was in my knee-length lightweight gym pants, a heavy jacket I'd located in the boot, and ditto a woolly hat and mittens.  I must have looked a sight.

This afternoon I went for a walk around Miramar.  I went past the (Peter Jackson) studio - see below - where they are currently filming The Hobbit Part II.   All the hive of activity is good for Miramar.

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