Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pool temps vs Hataitai Beach sea temps

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The gym I attend also has a pool.  As I was checking in at the reception desk yesterday, I spotted a notice that read something like "Because of storm damage our pool water temperature that is usually 27 is today 24 ... brrrrhhh."

Brrrrhhh?  When J and I were swimming at Hataitai Beach four days before the storm, we were swimming in 11!!  'Nuff said?

Well, no, not quite 'nuff said....  I was on the bike, looking through a window at the swimmers yesterday and I saw this tough looking guy in Speedos standing at the edge of the pool.  He stuck in his toes and stepped back for a minute or two with a shiver, then he toe-ed the water again and hung back for another couple of minutes before sitting down on the edge.  He lowered himself into the water so gradually I figured I would be finished my circuit before he finally took the plunge.,

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