Friday, June 28, 2013

Jetstar plane

Hi there

As my four readers know, I am not that brilliant on the computer so this morning it took me something like 45 minutes to try to book a flight on Jetstar. 

"Whoopee," I had thought upon looking at their advertising.  "$29 flights?  Couldn't be better."

It could be better.  All I wanted was a return flight Wellington-Auckland for $60.  I was bouncing with joy.

By the time I carefully negotiated all the traps, pitfalls, minefields, and add-ons on the Jetstar website, somehow or other the fare had got up to $100 return.    But, um, okay, I could live with that.    I went to put in my credit card details.  the website wouldn't let me do it.

I tried again.  And again. 

In desperation, I rang up Jetstar.  The gentleman assistant was hard to understand but I'm pretty sure he apologised for what was probably my fault by not pressing a certain button.  He booked my flights and charged me $160.

Ah-ha ...  Well-played, Jetstar.  

I complained.  Rather loudly I'm afraid.  And the guy gave me a $49 flight voucher.  But somehow, darn it, I don't think in the slightest, that I'm coming out ahead.

Moral:  be careful of booking, well, anything!

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