Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dare to hope no Big Earthquake coming?

Hi there

Well, I only felt a couple of ultra small earthquakes yesterday.  I didn't even bother to get off the couch and hide-er-I-mean-bravely-take-up-position under the table.  Both after-shocks were over practically before I registered they had started.  The tremors are ever-so tiny now. 

My friend in Auckland rang me last night:

"I don't think Lloyd and I want to come and house-sit for you while you're in Las Vegas," she said.

Huh?  What?  At the time,  I was knee deep  in the middle of double, triple, quadruple cleaning duties just because of her promise to come to Wellington..  "You can't let me down," I whimpered.  "I've cleaned the cutlery drawer.   And the stove .... fridge ... carpets .... windows .... I've even weeded the garden for you!".   My friend well-knows, 'weeding the garden' for someone is a supreme sacrifice of my time.  It is not an honour I give lightly to many.

"It's just too earthquak-y down there," she said.

"Tch-tch.  No, they're only itty-bitty tremors.  Nothing to get excited about.  By the time you get here, they'll have stopped.   I promise." 

Could I promise?  Oops, how could I promise there wouldn't be another big quake, if even the Earthquake Commission, and geologists, and NIWA folk can't do that?

"Please...." I begged.

My friend said she'd think about it, gauge the news bulletins and earthquake reports over the next few days..

Oh dear.  To heck with worry over earthquakes -  I'm now worrying like mad that, maybe, I've cleaned my house for nothing!.




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