Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Swim, Liberace, Gandalf, and Stone Street Studios

Hi there
9 pm, Tuesday.  Busy day.  J and I got in our 7th - count it again, 7777777 - swim at Hataitai Beach today. Whoopeee!  Two people today called us 'brave'.  I think that's the new catch-word.  It's better than 'mad'.

My Auckland friend who is down in Wellington to housesit for me when I'm in LA and Vegas next week, dragged me along with her to the Roxy Theatre to see "Behind the Candelabra" at the the International Film Festival this evening.  Michael Douglas and Matt Damon (especially Damon) are really good in it.  In America, I believe, it's a television movie  - the two main actors are nominated for Emmys.   I think it really should be viewed on the big screen because all of that Liberace finery, feathers, furs, bling, jewelled pianos, candelabra, etc can surely be better seen in all its glory.

Here's some news:  Tomorrow the new plaza/precinct/whatever-it's-called will open in Miramar.  There will now be only one street instead of two at the crossroads.  There will be room to eat out doors and ... wait for it .... there will be a statue of Gandalf, made by Weta standing close to the Roxy Theatre!

And here's some more news, reputed to be true:  At the end of March next year, there will be a first-time Miramar Festival.  And it's going to be held in the grounds of ...... tantan-ta-raaaaa!!! - the Stone Street movie studios. 

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