Monday, July 29, 2013

Hataitai beach swim, friends coming from Auckland, Earthquake, etc, etc

Hi there

J and I have done our 6th swim for July at Hataitai Beach!   J had the checkout operator and surrounding customers at Countdown Supermarket owl-eyed in awe as they stood spellbound listening to a dramatic rendering of 'my swim in the cold sea!" that she had taken barely one hour before.  And, guess what? -  J's audience didn't call her  'mad'.  In fact, her bravery was applauded.

 Here's a pic taken this week from opposite the beach.  

Great news on the house-sitting front!  My Auckland friend and her loved one are arriving this morning.  Yes, after all the will-we?-won't-we? kerfuffle over the Wellington earthquakes, they have decided to grant my house their illustrious presence while I'm away in the United States.  Actually, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that my friend has bought loads of tickets for the Wellington International Film Festival and didn't want to see the money go to waste!  She will be haring off around various picture theatres in the capital while her husband no doubt sits and admires my weedless garden,.

We had a big-ish earthquake (in comparison to the dozens of small-ish hardly felt earthquakes we've been having lately) the night before last, and this time it was my friend A J who trembled under the mightiness of it, as I slept through the entire night.

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