Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Edwin: My Life as a Koont

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I went last night to the Wellington, NZ, premiere of the movie, "Edwin: My Life as a Koont".  Four of my friends had bit parts in it.  See, there you are, senior citizens are, indeed, needed occasionally

The movie was taken recently to a comedy festival in Los Angeles and it won its lead actor, Bryce Campbell, the 2013 Best Actor Award.  He was presented with the award last night.

What a nice evening I had, sitting by my friends and seeing a movie that had some very funny lines in it.  I recognised so many of the places, both in New Zealand and in Los Angeles.  There was much nudging going on as a friend's living room, artistic painting endeavour, and acting skills were shown to, well, if not the world, at least the packed house at the Paramount Theatre.  Ah, you're a real triple threat there, girl!

The foyer was thronged with the glitterati.  The mayor, Celia Wade-Brown  was there - she has a small role in the film.  I also spotted Jamie Selkirk oscar winner-film editor-and co owner of the Roxy Theatre in Miramar (another triple-threater?).

A good time was had by all.  So, congrats on making the movie, guys.


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