Sunday, July 21, 2013

Relaxing(?) after the Wellington earthquake

HI there

9 a.m. Monday.  I don't think many Wellingtonians would have got much sleep last night, worrying about when the next quake would strike.  There were hundreds of little quakes apparently that were too deep for most areas to feel.  Quakes seem to be radiating out further, to mid North Island  (even as far as Napier) and further down the South Island, with Cook Strait/Wellington in the middle getting the worst of it.  The main quakes have been centred just out of Seddon (near the top of the South Island).  Messages on television and over radio have asked people not to go into the CBD today as the buildings have to be checked, and there are no trains operating.  The airport is back in operation.  There is lots of fallen masonry and cracks in buildings.   Thank heavens, I've had no damage in my house, not even a falling ornament.  The shaking and rumbling was horrific.  My neighbour rang me up, very frightened.

The Las Vegas Guardian newspaper (the one that broadcast last month that Mandela had passed away) put up a big headline about Seddon in AUSTRALIA having a 6.5 earthquake, and that it had reached Napier, also in Australia.  There is a Seddon in Australia but it didn't have a quake, and there is a Napier in Australia but it's thousands of kms away.   Fire the reporter......  Or better still, in a fortnight's time one angry kiwi will be hitting Las Vegas and she will be on the warpath.   Yes, it's me! 

I have to rush out today and make up my earthquake kit!  

It is awful, hunched under a table, and wildly thinking, "Will I die in this quake?"  Or ... "If I survive this quake, will I die in a follow-up one?"

10.50 a.m. Mond. ... Oh goodness, another little earthquake, 5.3 magnitude, just struck - I had to run to get under the table.

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