Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why is that queue over there moving faster than the queue I'm in?

HI there

I was ruminating the other day, standing in line at PostShop, that whichever queue I stand in, it's always the other queue that moves the fastest.   I speak to loads of people and they say the same thing happens to them.  Is there a bunch of us folk who are forever destined to Get It Wrong?  Did the Angel of Good-Fortune tick my name off her list as baby-me, all bundled up and about to be handed over to the stork, was sent off to live my life?

At the supermarket yesterday, I decided to try out my theory.  I stood examining the queues at the various checkout counters.  Mmmm, which was the shortest?  Which customer in which queue had the least items?  And which small-purchase customer did I think would ask the operator for cigarettes requiring the supervisor to be called, along with the all-precious key to the locked cabinet.  All of this kerfuffle would add minutes to any queue-time.  (Oops, am I cigarette-profiling?  Sorry.)

In the end, I decided to go with the new-fangled check-it-out-yourself option.

Alas, it took me much longer doing this than if I'd queued up waiting for an operator.  It was probably my own fault.  Silly me, I had bought a camisole at Farmers just prior to my Countdown Supermarket visit and I had plonked the bagged camisole into my supermarket basket for ease of carrying as I rambled the aisles.  The self-check-out machine automatically registered the camisole's weight as I checked in and then got in a real filthy mood when I didn't run it across the bar-scanner. 

By the time, the supervisor had slowly rolled up and sorted out the problem, all the operator-checkout queues had  become devoid of customers, and-I-should-have-gone-that-way-to-begin-with.  Sigh.


I was wandering around the Wellington Botanical Gardens earlier in the year and found this cute duck family hanging around the small fountain in the rose garden.  I go so gooey over puppies, kittens, ducklings, chicks....

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