Monday, July 6, 2015

Four swims for July at Hataitai Beach

Hi there

My swimming friend, J, and I have now four swims under our belts for July.  The water is very cold.  Maybe next week we will slip on light t-shirts?

Yesterday, I had to wear a different bathing suit because my usual one was damp.  I moaned the entire swim that the shoulder straps on this new one were less wide (by about an inch) and this was why I was colder than usual.  My friend J, never the cold-water moaner, didn't go for that theory.

Two young guys got out of their car at Hataitai Beach on Sunday, one in swimming shorts, the other carrying a camera.  In the space of, say, twenty seconds, swim-guy raced into the water, ducked down under the waves, emerged with a blood-curdling scream because of the cold, and raced out again.  His mate, who had filmed the whole episode, was bent over with laughter.

J came up with the scenario that the mates had a bet as to the outcome of the previous day's rugby final, the loser having to take the plunge!  As good a guess as any.

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