Saturday, July 4, 2015

Miramar Wanderings

Hi there

I was power-walking through Miramar last week and approached the goods entrance for Weta Workshop.  Standing in the gateway was a guy in a fluorescent vest with some sort of two-way radio in his hand.  We were probably about a metre or so apart.

He said into his radio, and looking right at me, "There's a big truck here now-"

"I hope you're not referring to me," I said.  "I know I've put on weight but ..."

As I walked away, he was apologising profusely, explaining that he wasn't talking about me; there was a truck coming up the road to the back of me.

It's so sad that people nowadays are so scared of being politically incorrect that they don't register a joke when they hear it.

above:  Weta Workshop goods entrance.  The building immediately behind is the Weta office block.  I haven't been in there for a few years but in their conference room they had their Oscars on display.

Today: I power-walked the same route this morning.  As I turned a corner away from Weta, I came upon something being filmed from across the road.   It's for tv apparently.

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