Friday, July 31, 2015

The Domino Effect with suitcases

Hi there

My friend arrived from Auckland last week, to housesit while I am in the United States.  This morning we tripped happily along to a department store to look around. 

"Oh, look, there's a cabin bag the same as my one," I exclaimed happily, pointing out a small case.   "I wonder how much they're charging for it-""

The bag was sitting on a high long table in a cluster of about eighteen other hard-backed wheelie cases.  I attempted to move a bag in the front row of four deep to get at it.

"Oh, noooooooooooooo.........."

The bag in front of me wheeled to the side and, in the process, knocked the bag beside it.  That bag knocked the next bag to it.  A third swayed precariously until - craaassssh!  Down to the floor, the three bags fell, but not before one of them had knocked the bag behind it, which in turn knocked the bag behind that one which also knocked the next one.  These bags fell off the other side of the table-

As my friend said to me after we'd raced, red-faced, out from the shop, "Wow, that's one in-store video the employees will definitely hoot over at their next Christmas Party ..."


J and I did 10 swims in July.  Today (1 August NZ time), we got in a swim in the rain.  Extremely cold.

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