Thursday, July 2, 2015

Me, going to Las Vegas

Hi there

My friend in Auckland rang me a month or so ago:

"When are you off to Las Vegas again?" she asked.

"Wha-?  Who said I was going to Las Vegas?  I've never told you I was going back .  I've been telling everyone for months that I've been there-done that."

"So, you're really not going?"

"Well ...."

"I knew it!  You can't resist the place.  Now, I've looked up what's on in Wellington during August for when I come down to house-sit;   I'll go ahead and book for 'Wellington On a Plate' and 'The International Film Festival'-"

"Whoa there.  Who's to say I'm not going in.... September!  Or... or December."

There was a bit of a pause.  Then:  "Nah ...  You like the August sales.  And the shows.  And the vibe of  millions of people surrounding you in Vegas at the height of summer.  You're a weird person, Lorraine."

My friend nattered on asking me about half a dozen Wellington restaurants. Did that restaurant have a good rep?   Was this restaurant too far away from Miramar to commute to?   Did I know of a place where crayfish would be on the menu?   And, oh-yes-there-was-a-rate-the-best-burger in Wellington contest; she was definitely up for that.

It seems that while I'm attending those ritzy buffet spreads in Las Vegas my Auckland mate will be down here in Wellington sampling every restaurant and cafe in the entire region.

I pity for both our weights afterwards.

PS:   J and I managed 10 swims for June.  And once this month, so far.

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