Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1) 6th swim, September 2) American Politeness

1)  Ho-hum, we've had our sixth swim at Hataitai Beach for September.   Yippeee, I can't contain myself, I just love swimming so much.  I'd gone for a long walk - in the sun - in the morning and it was so hot, I couldn't stand it cause I was in warm clothes. I was walking on Worser Bay Beach (on the Miramar Peninsula) and there were children playing in the water with water wings and plastic rings.  I just craved a swim.  So I rushed back home, rang J, and we met at Hataitai beach.  I just wanted to stay in the water forever.  I am committing myself now, but I think it will be a breeze to get in 5 swims a month for the rest of the year .  Oh dear, Murphy's Law will now rain down upon me.

2  The one thing that impressed me in Las Vegas (well, there were hundreds of things that impressed me, but one thing that really really impressed me) and that was how polite Americans are.  Everywhere I went around the place, people said "Excuse me", and "Sorry", and "my fault" (even though nine out of ten times, it was my fault for treading on toes, or crashing into people).  It was "Yes, Ma'am" and "No, Ma'am".  Doors were held open for me.  Service staff treated me like a queen.  The young teenage guy sitting next to me at the convention, and without being asked, brought me cups of water whenever he returned from a foray.

Congratulations, Americans on being so polite.

Here's a picture looking down The Strip in Las Vegas, taken from the grounds of the Tropicana Hotel & Casino.  Incidentally, inside the Tropicana it's so lovely and white and bright compared to the drab darkness of other hotels. 


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