Tuesday, September 4, 2012

American and New Zealand television commercials

One thing I noticed in America were their television commercials.  All their commercials have perfect people, perfect backgrounds, perfect everything.  Just think of our Coca-Cola and McDonalds commercials and that's what every tv ad in the States seems to me to be like.  All clean-cut and beautiful.  The people don't seem like normal people.  They've all got wonderful smiles, dress impeccably, speak as if they went to elocution school, and have immaculate houses and jobs. 
I wonder what Americans would think of our wonderful 'legend' stop-drink-driving tv commercials?  They would just sit back dumb-founded, I'm sure of it.  Yet these two adverts, especially 'legend', the one we more often than not call 'ghost chips' - it's the one with the young people in it -  is just about the most popular commercial we've ever shown on NZ tv.

'Legend' and 'Donna Time"  (Donna Time is about the mum trying to get her family off the booze - and it's obviously a rip-off of NZ's all-time favourite tv drama, "Outrageous Fortune") can both be found on www.nzta.govt.nz/about/advertising/drink-driving/legend.html

Changing subjects.  Second swim for September  today.  Yippppeeeeee.  Only officially one more swim to do for this month.  Oh dear, I see the Sept forecast is for lots of rain.  Fingers crossed for us, please.
 J and I debated today for a long time standing on the steps at Hataitai Beach.  We suddenly turned into wimps:  it was cold.... had there been a storm at sea the previous night? ....  what about sewage...?   J had even brought along a web page she'd discovered that showed the level of pollution in July and August in Wellington Harbour (we figure we'd been swimming on the worst dates in question, oops).

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