Saturday, September 15, 2012

FOURTH and FIFTH swims!

J and I have done five - count them! FIVE swims for September.  We started off wanting to do at least three swims a month (at Hataitai Beach, Wellington, New Zealand) in 2012 - which is no problem at all for Jan, Feb, March, April, May, when we far surpassed that number - but for the winter months....?  Well,  brrrrrhhhhh! 
It wasn't until beginning of August that we realised we had done five minimum a month and we thought -  hmmmmmm, yes - if we can do five in August and five in September we are champions far beyond our wildest dreams!!!
(Of course, those mathematical whizzes who are reading this blog will probably have realised much, much earlier than we did that we'd done the magic five - J and I  had to go back over our calendar notations!)

We feel now that we've knocked off September, we can breathe easily.  From October onwards it should be a breeze (knock wood, cross fingers).  We had trouble once before in September when we never made a swim until the very end of the month.  Mind you, in those days we used to worry about low tide and rain, and cold, and the 'look of the water'. 

Spring is here, lah-de-dah-dah, the birds are singing at dawn, the little lambs are gambolling (in the terrific storms down the South Island), and the daffodils and weeds are out in my extremely small backyard garden.  Honestly, who has time to weed when life is out there for living.  (Oh, as an extremely pregnant and heretofore timid Agnes Gooch said in the movie, "Auntie Mame" when she approached the lead character who had told her to go out and live.....  "I lived!" 
Auntie Mame is my idol.  I loved the book, adored the film with Rosalind Russell in it, but didn't enjoy the Lucille Ball musical version

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