Sunday, September 2, 2012

Winning Restroom

Sorry about this, but the flurry of blogs centred around my trip to  Las Vegas have not finished yet.  I went to Zeffirino restaurant in the Venetian Casino and Hotel.  I loved the lunch but I was over-awed by their toilets.  There was a framed newspaper clipping inside the restroom saying that Zeffirino's restroom had been chosen as one of the ten best public restrooms in America.  Wow, talk about an honour.  Just think, there must be millions of public restrooms in the States, and I was standing (and sitting!) in one of the best!


Here are some photos:
There's really more frou-frou in the restroom ( a sofa, etc)  than I'm showing in the photos.
The bottom photo is a view from out of the window and behind my chair in Zeffirino's restaurant. It's just a small part of the canal complex.  
I came across a couple posing for wedding photos beside the canal (see below).  The yellow building behind the pair (and across the canal) is an outside view of Zeffirino's.
Remember this is all inside the Venetian Hotel & Casino.

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