Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our third September swim

We've made it - phewwww! - three swims for September, our dreaded month, when it usually rains all the time.  I guess NZ's September is like the northern hemisphere's April if that old song "April Showers" is anything to go by.
Of course, if J and I can cram in a couple more swims this month, that would be great.  We've realised that we've done a minimum of 5 swims every month this year.  So even though our 'official'  call is three swims a month, and we're quite happy with that - hey, it would be so neat to say we'd done 5 a month, especially during the winter!    Oh, no.....  by mentioning this in writing (or typing), have I now committed us to 5 a month for the rest of the year?  I'll have to consult our rule book.

We met another (retiree) woman in the changing sheds yesterday.  She went in the water in just her bathing suit.  Uh-oh, we wear light t-shirts over our togs in the winter.  Are we wimps compared to her?  We carefully timed her in the water and she was half the time that we spend in it and that made us feel slightly better.  But, goodness, she wore a bathing cap which means she's almost professional.  We need a complete wardrobe re-think.

We must thank J's devoted husband for timing our swims, standing guard over our bags, and happily delivering J to the beach at sometimes just a half hour's notice.  J and I spend ages on the phone discussing tide highs and lows, and quality of the water, then we usually deviate away from swimming to umpteen other subjects, before suddenly realising we have to be at the beach, well .... now! 

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