Wednesday, September 19, 2012

loyalty cards

Most countries have loyalty card schemes.  Here, in New Zealand, one of our main loyalty cards is Flybuys.  It makes me so see red when I'm behind someone in a supermarket line and they have a full-to-bursting trolley of maybe $500 worth of goods.  Compared to my tiddly $40 worth.  Sigh, what I wouldn't give for their loyalty points.  My neighbours are always zipping off to Australia with their built-up points.  I usually get halfway to the same end result ... and my points expire!

And I hate all the loyalty cards in my wallet.  There are some I havent used in years but I always have that nagging feeling that ... one day ... maybe tomorrow ...... I just might need them.  How awful it would be if the occasion arose and a card was sitting at home.  I figure, if I looked into my wallet right now, I would have, maybe, 20 cards.

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