Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spur of the moment mini-break

Well, hands up, anyone, who has done the following:

On Friday, I decided to go shopping in the Porirua Mall, about half an hour away from Wellington.  I got there at 9.30 am and by 10.30 I'd had enough.  As I got in my car, I suddenly thought, "Wouldn't it be neat to just travel up north without knowing where I'm going?"

And I did just that!  I drove north.   At Bulls (a couple of hours later), I thought, "Ah, New Plymouth?  Auckland?  Hamilton?  Taupo?"  I booked in, via phone, for a night in Taupo, and the following night in Taihape.  At this point, I decided to look in my boot ('trunk' for the benefit of Americans) to see what was in there that I could salvage.

In my boot, I had two bathing suits, one of them being a shorts and top set - I could use this as a nightie!  I had a nice big thirsty towel, a heavy winter cardy, a thermal merino wool t-shirt, a pair of socks, and my rugby world cup (volunteer) rain jacket.  

I was wearing a knee-length warm jacket, trousers, a merino wool sweater, and carrying my (multi-coloured) bag which contained an umbrella (it drizzled most of the time I was away but it was the journey I craved, not the destination).  I didn't have my eyedrops on me;  I have glaucoma.

I bought an extra pair of knickers and a toothbrush.

I arrived at Taupo at 3 pm, looked around for rest of day.  The following morning, I went swimming at the A.C Pool, then looked around  Taupo some more,  and left for Taihape at about 4 pm.   I was glad I'd manouvred The Desert Road in the afternoon when there wasn't  the usual frost or fog.  If I'd spent the second night in Taupo, I would've worried about the darn road all night.

I love Taihape Motel.  It's so sixties.  Right on down to the plastic flowers in the flower beds!  The owner gave me four small bags of potato chips, a big bottle of lemonade (or beer, if I'd wanted it), there were Kornies and milk, plus bread for toast, and jam.  He gave me the Sunday paper.  And the stay was $70 which is cheap as chips.  There's a microwave, and loads of tv channels (most of which seemed to be sport).  If I'd spent a second night in Taupo, it would have been double the price.

The next morning, I travelled home via Palmerston North Mall, loved it!

So, what's in the boot of your car??????

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