Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Always in a Hurry

Hi there

Why is it that when we're in a hurry, or in a panic, things seem to take longer to do? This morning, I was gassing on the phone to J when idly I picked up my watch and noticed the time-

"Yikes, I have to be on the bus to town in 15 minutes, and I'm in my nightie!"

I threw down the phone and rushed about the house like a scalded cat.

Nothing went right.   Yesterday, I'd toe-ed off my trainers (yes, yes, I'm still in protecting-my-heel mode, thus still wearing trainers) and today it took me far too long to untie the laces.  I was all fingers and thumbs.

I  couldn't find a flannel, there were no towels in the towel box, I turned the shower up too hot and leapt out of it, really and truly like that scalded cat.  My wallet disappeared for a time, then I had to hunt for my mobile phone.  After that,  I decided that I looked awful in my red sweater-

"Where's that brown sweater-?  The brown sweater-?"  I burrowed my head in the wardrobe, tossing clothes left, right, and centre onto the floor, the bed, into the hall, through to the lounge.  My shoulder sleeve got caught in the door handle as I hared into the bath-room, and I was sharply yanked backward like I'd been fished up by an angler. After I'd unhooked myself from the door,  I raced around the house looking under cushions, in bowls, on tables for my Super Gold bus pass (thanks, Winston Peters....).

"Ear-rings!"  I was naked without my ear-rings.  "Which ones?  Which ones!  Which Ones!!"  I  dropped one ear-ring into the sink but - pheww - rescued the thing just before it reached the plug-hole.  Then, in the bad bathroom lighting, I couldn't see the holes in my ears to push the ear-rings through.  Oh ... to heck with ear-rings; I'd go ear-naked.  -

I got to town, practically still puffing as I exited the bus, and thank goodness the bus driver had seen me sprinting toward him, and waited patiently for me.  I had just enough time for a quick bite of lunch before my appointment.  I looked at my watch.  I wondered why the cafe was empty at 12 noon. 

I looked at the clock on the cafe wall.  Uh oh.

11 o'clock.

I'd forgotten to change my watch after daylight saving time had finished.

Darn it.


Eighth swim down for April, at Hataitai Beach.  Yesterday, J and I swam in the rain.  The surface was calm, the water was quite nice.  We were nearly a half an hour in the water.  Not bad for practically the end of April.

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