Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm back from Melbourne, Australia

Above is a lemur who was fascinated by me at Melbourne Zoo.  I am very rarely the object of another creature's fascination.  A lemur?  Doesn't matter... I'll take any type of fascination I can get.

Hi there
I've had five nights in Melbourne, yes I finally got there but my hotel bookings were all mucked up because of the fog at Wellington Airport and I ended up in a terrible apartment instead of the standard room I booked - and I had to pay triple the price.  It wasn't until my last morning I realised they'd stuck me in a 'disabled' apartment.  No wonder my feet dangled above the floor when I was sitting on the loo!  NB: in a such a bathroom, always clean your teeth before taking a shower.  I had to plough through water to get to the sink because the whole room had turned into a wading pool.  I should have brought my wellingtons (as the British call them ... or 'gumboots' as they are for kiwis).

I went to a show - Bernadette Peters in Concert.  Peters is a Broadway star and I loved almost every minute.  However, the minutes did get a fraction draggy after the first hour when all the songs seemed to have the same 'show-tune' pathos and torch-song beat associated with them.  I did love Peters acting out the 'vamp', especially when she sang 'Fever' lying on top of a grand piano

I went to see a Dreamworks animation exhibit highlighting many of Dreamworks movies, eg, Shrek, Madagaskar,  and "How to Train Your Dragon'.  I really enjoyed it, especially the big wrap-around screen where we were taken on a dragon ride above a village.  I hope this exhibit might come to Wellington one day, though I'm positive if Te Papa put on a Peter Jackson/Weta exhibit, it would be far better!  Biased, anyone?

I went to the zoo.  Got in staring matches with lemurs over territory   They didn't want to move-it-move-it...


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  1. Helen saw Bernadette Peters on Broadway, or was it off Broadway, in Annie Get Your Gun. It was brilliant but Hubby fell asleep.