Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Plumbers, guarantees, hot water cylinders, and me

Hi there

I got a new hot water cylinder installed two years ago.  Cost about $1,000.  A notice plastered proudly on the cylinder's side proclaimed that there was a five year guarantee.

The cylinder started to leak about a fortnight ago.  Oh,  well, not to worry.  There was that guarantee, wasn't there?

Ah hah.  No.....   To all intents and purposes, the guarantee is a bust.  The cylinder would not be replaced, only repaired.  This would necessitate sending the cylinder to Auckland, a temp one would have to be installed in my house, and I would have to pay for all labour and additions which would amount to about the same price as if I had bought a brand new one.  And without a further guarantee that the repaired cylinder wouldn't fail again.

I was all but forced to buy a new cylinder.   $1500.

Sigh.  So much for guarantees.    Oh, yes, it was a Rheem brand.   I have now another brand ceramic-lined hot water cylinder that my pet plumber says will outlast me.   Oops, does he know something that I don't?


PS:  It appeared the storage unit fire mentioned by me recently was caused by an arsonist.  He was arrested today.  Silly guy didn't realise he was being filmed.  So sad that two oscars were lost.

PPS:  J and I had a lovely swim at Hataitai Beach yesterday.  We couldn't get over how lovely it was in the water, this being mid-April.  As I got into my car afterwards, I heard via the radio, that the outside temperature was 21c.  That's summer for Wellington!

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