Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hataitai Beach newsworthy

Hi there

J and I had another lovely swim today at Hataitai Beach.  The last two days have been beautiful in the water.

When J and I arrived at the beach, there was nowhere to park.  Lots of workers and vans full of equipment were all over the road.  There were Stop/Go signs being held up and everything looked extremely busy.  We had to park up the road and around the corner.  When we wandered down to where the road workers were, we noticed there was one small-ish hole in the ground.  All that equipment, manpower, signs for one little hole?

Today, there was a TV3 News van parked near the beach.  The camera guy kept asking this jogger woman to run up and down on the path beside the water whilst he filmed her.   I wonder what that was all about? 

Because the zoom on the camera that I keep in the car doesn't work, I couldn't reduce long-range views, so here's a distant shot of the guy from TV3, and another shot of the jogger he was filming.

Oh, I see that director Peter Jackson's private Gulf-Stream plane is being used in the search for the lost passenger plane.

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