Saturday, April 26, 2014

Brrhhh....!!~ Hataitai Beach swim today

Hi there

J and I went for a swim today (Sunday 27 April NZ time) at Hataitai Beach.  Our tenth for April!  Ten-10-TEN!  We gave each other a hi-ten.

Today was very windy and cold but, surprisingly, the sea wasn't ultra-freezing.   Lots of people were walking past the beach in their winter woollies and there we were with bare shoulders in just our swimsuits. 

The cold always hits us when we get out.  Brrrrhhhh.   And, shhhh, don't tell J, but I'm a little bit scared about whether I have the push to go right through the winter this year.  J is so brave facing the cold temps, both in and out of the water.   And I get cold hands and feet.  I went into a swimming shop and asked if there were some kind of gloves that could stop the cold water getting through to my hands and was told there wasn't and why didn't I try kitchen-cleansing gloves with a rubber band around the wrist?

I tried it last year.  It didn't work.  My hands were like icicles.

Oh dear.  Am I going to be the wuzz to chicken out during winter 2014?

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