Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fire in the eastern suburbs

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There was a big fire down the road in the early hours of this morning (Fri) NZ time), one of the biggest fires in many years in Wellington.  It was Kiwi Storage which is at the foot of the airport runway and right next door to where a branch of Weta Workshop also had a fire a couple of years ago.  On the other side of the storage facility is .... Kilbirnie Fire Station.  Seventy-something fire-fighters fought the blaze that lasted for 6 hours,.  It started at 1.30 a.m. and when J and I were swimming way across the bay, we could still see the smoke at 3 pm in the afternoon.

There was quite a bit of stuff in the Storage sheds, put there by Weta folk.  Some collectible vintage cars and it's thought that two Oscar awards for "Lord of the Rings" also went up in the fire.   As well,  some stuff that had once belonged to Madonna.  I have a feeling the awards might have been Alex Funke's from the Weta Miniatures Department.

I took a photo from the bus window as I went past this morning, but the pic didnt turn out.  Curse you, bus driver for going so fast!  That's certainly a change.  Usually the buses go at a snail's pace.

Here's a pic from the New Zealand Herald website.

I was on my way in the bus to the hospital.  I was surprised to discover that there is a grand piano in the hospital foyer and volunteers play lovely soothing music.

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