Sunday, April 6, 2014

Prince William, Kate, baby George... and me, at Wellington Airport

Hi there
Today I was at Wellington Airport waiting.... and waiting ... and waiting.  No, not waiting for Prince William, Kate, and their baby George.  They did arrive, but I never saw them.  Their plane taxied to somewhere else away from prying eyes of ordinary people.  It got through the one hour window of opportunity when the fog and rain cleared.  Every airport type of transport - fire engines, ambulances, trucks, vans, luggage trains, shopping trolleys, folk on roller skates, hikers, cats and dogs -   Nah, I'm joking for a lot of that.  But it did seem to be a lot of vehicles trekking in convoy to greet the royals.

Now that I think about it, didn't I miss Prince Harry, too, by a mere whisker a couple of years' ago in Las Vegas?  I was staying at the MGM Grand on a certain Friday night.  He went to a pool party there the same night.  We were ..... that close !

Oh, my plane didn't get through that hour of opportunity to land at Wellington Airport to pick me up today.  I waited 9 hours to eventually be told that the flight was cancelled.  The three strangers who sat the entire time with me in the waiting area soon became true buddies.  In fact, we all hugged as we finally separated.   Ah, adversity does bring folk together....

Oh, but adversity certainly doesnt bring clients and cabbies together.  I hopped into a taxi to get home instead of walking the 20 minutes.  The Combined Taxi driver got really mad at me because he had to pay an airport tax and line up for ages at the airport waiting for a fare, and I only wanted to go down the road and around the corner.  I said I hadn't walked because it was raining.  And he yelled at me that I should have walked in the rain.

I reminded the guy that under the new rules he wasn't allowed to refuse me.  He yelled back, "No, I didn't have to take you".   I yelled back, "Yes, you did".  We were like children in a playground.  He was driving well over the speed limit.  He was in such a temper.

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  1. It was wet and windy when Helen arrived in NZ in 1968 too. Hope you eventually get to Melbourne.