Sunday, April 20, 2014

Batteries and re-charging cords

Hi there
There's one thing that drives me mad....  Well, actually no, there are lots of things that do that but at the moment I'm sighing over one particular thing -

Ten or twenty years ago, I used to sigh every time I had to buy batteries.  I seemed to be buying them all the time.  In the house, there were, like, three portable radios, a cassette player or two,  a Walkman, a portable CD player, clocks, cameras.....  I wished there was a money tree in the backyard to pay for all the batteries.

Nowadays, not so many batteries, but I seem to be re-charging things all the time.  There's my Kindle, my second Kindle, two mobile phones, my MP3 player, three cameras, my mini-vac, several kitchen appliances.....  I have cords all over the place.   I trip over cords.  I get tangled up in cords.  I'm  so confused over which cord belongs to which implement that I have to label the cords.  There is a whole banana box of cords.  The box itself is clutter.  Soon, I think I will have to get a bigger box.   Then more boxes.  Eventually maybe a bigger house.  Oh dear.

Oh,  thanks Helen for your Comment- it's great to know that you've seen Bernadette Peters..  And on Broadway, too.   When I saw Peters' this month in Melbourne I was blown away by her vampy rendition of "There is Nothing Like a Dame" (from 'South Pacific) - see below link,d.dGI

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