Saturday, August 16, 2014

eating with Gordon Ramsay in Las Vegas

Hi there

No, I didn't actually eat sitting beside chef Gordon Ramsay.  I ate at one of his places on the Las Vegas Strip.   The Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill that was inside Caesar's Palace Casino

Anyway, Gordon's fish-and-chips-and-mushy-peas came out elegantly sitting on a sheet of newspaper.  What?  In NZ, it's been long outlawed to eat fish and chips out of newspaper, because of hygiene reasons and, maybe, even newsprint poisoning.

The fish and chips were nice but I felt terribly guilty having such a meal in America, so I ordered a Knickerbocker Glory as a follow-up.  Now, that was American.... and worth every penny (or cent).

The chairs at the "pub" had the picture of a corgi dog on them.  This could be carrying the English theme a little too far.  I think the queen would be most displeased to see her canine pets so publicised. 

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