Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ziplines in Las Vegas

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One of the highlights of my trip to Las Vegas was travelling down a zipline under the Fremont Street canopy from one end of the pedestrian mall to the other end, way above the heads of the people below.

I'm regaling friends and complete strangers in the bus or in the queue at the supermarket of how brave I was.


I was petrified!  I clung on to the cord that dangled down from the overhead cable like it was a lifeline.....  Well, it was!    The ride only took a minute or so, but it felt like an hour.  Four of us stepped off a high platform into air at the same time, travelled down the cable at various speeds and landed on another platform at roughly the same time.

I'm second from right in the photos. Left click for a better view.

The dessert buffet at The Bellagio Casino was more to my liking:

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