Sunday, August 31, 2014

I've had a breakdown!

Hi there
No, no, I havent been stressed out.  Oh, wait, maybe I have.  Hey, here's the story....

Today, J and I went for a swim at Hataitai Beach.  Water temperature was cold, and getting dressed afterwards in the sheds was hellishly cold.  We walked back to our cars, with J's Loved One in tow.  Everything as per usual-

"Bye," I shouted getting into my car.  "See you, maybe, tomorrow."  There'd probably be a couple of phone calls and maybe two or three texts before then.

J's car pulled away.  I turned the ignition key on my car.

Nothing.  No engine whine.  Not even a cough.  Uh-oh.

Panic pants.

I called the Automobile Association.  I also texted J.   J and her loved one arrived first.  It's nice to have friends with you when you're having a couple of breakdowns.

My car needed a new battery.  My nine year old battery was not going to meet it's tenth anniversary.

$150.  Oh dear.

photographer:  J's Loved One

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