Friday, August 22, 2014

Me, (nearly) in the presence of a celebrity in Las Vegas - GRUMPY CAT!

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There's one young celebrity who has had a cannonball rise to stardom.  Grumpy Cat!

Grumpy Cat is a cat.  She looks eternally...grumpy!  She is a world-wide hit on the 'net.  She has fans.  Loads of them.  She's making lots of money for her owners.  There are books about her.  She is shortly to have her own movie.


I was in Las Vegas at the beginning of this month when Grumpy Cat made an appearance at Kitsons Store.   I wandered over to have a look.  The line to see Grumpy Cat was going out the door of the shop and, by my estimation, weaved about 200 metres up the outside pathway that leads to The High Roller ferris wheel. Everyone wanted their picture taken with Grumpy Cat.  People were dying to buy her books and her souvenir products.

I did try to look through a window and I thought I saw a flash of a fluffy tail but who knows?  I could have been mistaken and it could have been her stunt double.  Or her look-alike Grumpy Cat fluffy toy ... 
Image result for how much is a grumpy cat fluffy toy

... or one of her fans kowtowing in front of the icon.

Grumpy Cat even went on The High Roller ferris wheel (top picture),  The High Roller did not appear to improve her grumpy mood.

You can see a succession of  pictures of Grumpy Cat on The High Roller, Las Vegas by hitting this link (don't forget to hit the arrows either side of Grumpy Cat's picture):

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