Monday, August 11, 2014

I am back from Las Vegas, 2014

Hi there

Did you miss me?  Did you?  Did you?

I only took cabin baggage with me for my visit.  Full, my bag was not allowed to be more than 7 kg or aeroplane officials would do dire things to me.   I was staying at the Flamingo in Las Vegas and on my last day I rushed down to their equivalent of our PostShop and weighed my bag. 7 kg exactly.   However, when I reached Los Angeles Airport, the bag was weighed again.

"It's 11 kg," said the lady from Virgin Australia.

"No, no, it can't be!  It weighed 7 kg this morning-"  Me, yelling hysterically.

"Perhaps you should take your foot off the scale," said the lady.

Phew.  But I never figured a foot could weigh 4kg.  I truly must go on a diet.

I had a wonderful view from my room at The Flamingo.  25th floor and I could see all of The Bellagio Hotel's famous dancing water feature.  The first time I went to Vegas, I had to cram myself third row back behind a fence to get a glimpse of just a part of the feature.  Now, from my hotel room it was all so routine - daytime and nighttime I had a bird's eye view of everything.


My Flamingo 'selfie'.

I love the tv in the bathroom mirror.

More to come about Vegas......

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