Saturday, August 16, 2014

The High Roller, Las Vegas

Hi there

No, I'm not saying that I was the High Roller in Las Vegas.  Because I actually forgot to even try out the slot machines, there was so much else to do and see.

The High Roller is the name of Vegas's giant ferris wheel.  Giant ferris wheels seem to be all the rage in cities nowadays, but Vegas boasts the biggest one.  Of course.

Each 'pod' carries about 40 people but there were only a couple of others in the pod with me.  When our pod reached the very top, it was hard to comprehend that the little buildings below us were mostly all about 25 stories high.

 In Las Vegas, I went to see the musical "Million Dollar Quartet" which was about the day Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash all met together at Sun Studios.  

I also saw Olivia Newton John's Show at The Flamingo where I was staying.  She was so natural and had a wonderful rapport with the audience.  I would have loved to own the black glitter trouser suit that she came out in for her first song.  Even though Celine Dion's show that I saw last year had all the bells, whistles, orchestra, digital stuff, spotlights, sound,  and pure Vegas-ism about it, I much preferred Olivia's seemingly genuine happiness.  At the show, however, I didn't particularly like having to share a booth with four strangers, though we did have an interesting conversation about American gated retirement village.  The village this couple lived in covered km upon km and included golf course, indoor and outdoor pools, gyms, mall, lake, town hall, village shops, theatres, walking tracks, bushland, you-name-it....

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