Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three swims down for Hataitai Beach August 2014

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My friend J, and I, have managed to get in a swim a day for the past three days.  Can we get in a minimum of one more, or possibly 2 more before end of the month?  If we can't fit that number in this month, our whole swimming output for the year will be null and void.  I can't bear to think about that cold June and July swimming going to waste, so cross your fingers for us please.   Oh dear, August is definitely the coldest month of the year.  For the last couple of days we were a bit wary stepping down into the water, and we actually .... dithered!

Oh,, that reminds me.  when I was in Las Vegas, I was intrigued to see that not one person in the Flamingo Hotel swimming pool was actually swimming.  They were just standing there, with the water up to about their waists.  J and I have noticed this around New Zealand, too.  Nobody swims any longer, they just stand in the sea and talk.

When I commented on this standing-in-the-water thing to someone in Las Vegas, he said, ".. but they're standing in the water holding their drinks."

And do you know what?  When I looked closer, they were.

9 a.m. Flamingo pool:

Below is Flamingo pool, photo taken from High Roller Wheel. Noon.

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