Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bucket lists

I've never really thought much about bucket lists, because if ever I think, "Oh, I wouldn't mind doing that", I just go right on ahead and do it.   I've:

tandem skyjumped;  paraglided;  white water rafted;  zip-lined;  around-lake-cycled;  mountain-hiked; extensively kayaked, taught myself shorthand and passed exams, developed plantar fasciitis of the heel (Oh, wait, no - scrub 'plantar fasciitis' from my bucket list, I didn't plan on getting that!)  ...  and there's probably other stuff, too, that I can't remember but I will maybe, within the hour, slap my forehead and shout, "Goodness, I've also done that!" 

There is one thing I wish I'd done.  Learn to play piano.  I did go to lessons when I was twelve.  I got as far as 'God Save the Queen' and "Home on the Range" on sheer memory power alone but when it came to actually reading music, everything was hopeless.  I gave it all up as a bad job.  Anyway, I just didn't seem to have enough fingers for what was required to do on that darn keyboard.

PS:  the new revamped American "Beauty and the Beast" starts tomorrow night on NZ tv.  It stars Jay Ryan, a New Zealander who somehow has managed to pass me by in all my tv viewing years.  He's been in a lot of Aussie stuff that's come onto our screens, of which I also seemed to have missed.

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