Saturday, January 5, 2013

Worser Bay swimming

Heavens, I am such a wimp!  Yesterday I went down to Hataitai Beach (Wellington, New Zealand).  I peered over the railing into the water and saw loads of the transparent saucer-sized jellyfish.  Yick.  I asked a woman who was getting out about it and she said she only bumped into seven or eight while she was swimming.

That did it for me, I was off like a jet plane, away from Hataitai Beach.  I went over the hill to Worser Bay and I had a really lovely day, with a deliciously cold swim.  The weather was nice and warm.  Not a sign of a jellyfish.

Today, I didnt even check in at Hataitai Beach, just went straight over to Worser Bay.  I must admit I do truly love that gorgeous tingly cold feeling of the waters at Worser Bay.   It was extremely hot today.  I had two swims.

I discovered later that there were virtually no jellyfish today at Hataitai Beach.

I've been so happy lately with my foot seemingly better.  So for ease of getting along the beach, I wore my Crocs.  No inner soles or gel heels like the doctor told me I had to wear.  I paid for it later on though.  I was limping like mad.

I have plantar fasciitis of the heel.  Apparently a very common ailment.  I do so hate to have anything that's (shudder) 'common'.  Oh, that so reminds me of  snobby Penelope Keith in either "To the Manor Born" or "The Good Life" where she was absolutely horrified to have a 'common' cold. 

(Oh dear, I am trying to put in some photos of Worser Bay but when I hit the little scenery picture at the top it says something about uploading JPG,  GsomethingF or PNG files..  I used to be able to just go into my 'pictures' area and choose the pic I wanted.  Now I don't know how to get into my 'picture' area.   Without being able to get into my pictures, I may as well stop this blog - sigh.  I'll try again another day.  Maybe miraculously it might have sorted itself out. )

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