Saturday, January 12, 2013

hobbit burrows, Hataitai Beach, bad-bad computer!

I dont know if these images will turn out or not as I'm having the most terrible time trying to include pictures in a blog. I know that there's at least three ways to do everything on a computer but this time around I must have discovered the hardest way to do something. Oh dear. I've had to go into some HTML route (whatever that means), and I cant actually see any pictures, just some crazy foreign hieroglyphics ( herirglphics? hieroglipics? Goodness, I think I've lost all sense of how to spell correctly, as well) I went for a swim yesterday at Hataitai Beach, with the wind roaring around me and the waves ultra-choppy and the spray flying out every which-a-way. I couldnt see anything cause the waves were so high. I swallowed so much water and I kept thinking that I might die from swallowing it because I vaguely remember The Ancient Mariner and all those other sea stories where people die or go mad from drinking sea water. I got out after only a couple of laps (no not lapping as in water, though that was very relevant. Lapping, as in across the bay and then back again). Mattress guy sunbathing on the deck greeted me with, "Nice swim?" and I wanted to slap him one (wow, maybe I should be a dominatrix?). Mattress Man is another regular who we've all been talking to for years. He still doesnt understand the rules of the deck. He will insist on laying out his mattress cross-wise, leaving not much room for others to sunbathe around him. And he always blares out the cricket from his radio.

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