Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh, no, I've broken my Kindle!

Goodness-oh-dear-heavens-to-Betsy-ohhh-noooooo!!! I've broken my Kindle! I was on the sofa, reading a book on my Kindle.. It was truly a great book. Probably, one of the all-time greatest books ever written. Well,vampire romances are just about what every solitary person in our world are chaffing at the bit to read, right? Of course. The action was so good, my heart was pounding for the heroine caught up in the gorgeous hero vampire's clutches. But, honestly, the woman didn't seem to appreciate the pairing, she was squirming, and sighing, and screaming aloud about wanting to leave his apartment. However - a-ha! - I had access to her very thoughts, and I knew that she actually wanted to pop into the bedroom with this gorgeous guy. It's what I would want to do in her place. Tall, dark, handsome. Who cares if he's one of the undead. I decided to prolong the excitement by making myself an egg sandwich. I tossed my Kindle down ontto the sofa, made my sandwich and, then, threw myself back down onto said sofa, right on top of wait for it! - the Kindle! My elbow smashed - craaaaack! - right into the middle of the screen. There is not a new 3G Kindle to be had at a Dick Smith's anywhere in New Zealand for love nor money. I know, because I tried. Dick Smith is the only place that has the right to sell them, and they're sold out because of the Christmas rush. They're expecting a new type of Kindle in next month (I'm guessing it's the White Kindle). I can't wait until then. I mean, I've got to get at my vampire story, yeah? Does my heroine end up with my vampire hero? The book might be that one in, oh, I don't know, one hundred million squillion where the hero doesn't get the heroine. She might shout 'Lay off me, you big brute, I'm going home to Mummy", and stomp off into the sunrise (where he, being a vampire,naturally, can't chase her). Whatever, I have to get at that ending. So, I bought a Kindle on www.trademe.co.nz. (I'm trying like mad to put a pic of broken Kindle on this page, but as per usual Im having trouble. Also having trouble - grrhhh - with paragraphing).

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