Monday, January 21, 2013

Improbabilities Part II - darn it!

Here's a test:  what was I saying the other day about me being the improbability queen?  Yes, great, you did remember, head of the class for you.    For those who can't remember, I pointed out that improbabilities happen to me much much much more frequently than to anybody else, right?

Today, I went and got my clothes out from the washing machine in the garage, but I didn't make it to the clothesline.  I stumbled over the garage doorstep, and fell  hard down to the concrete path.  As I was falling - and it seemed to take hours - my brain was saying over and over again, "my-holiday!-my-holiday!-my-holiday!".  And just for variety, my mind added "Oh-no-I'll-break-my-leg!"

It's not bad enough that I have that plantar fasciitis thingee that has restricted my movement for the last two and a half months, but now both my ankles are hurting like Hades.

I sat on my path and cried.  I sobbed, and wailed so loudly  that my neighbour, from over the other side of the fence, yelled out "Is there anything wrong?"

I had to crawl on hands and knees into the house to open my front door to her.  Then crawl onto the sofa.  Both my neighbour and I agreed that I should sit with my feet in a cold bath of water, then bandage my ankles.  We didn't think I'd broken anything, or even sprained my ankles.  Probably just bad jarring.

When my neighbour left (thanks for attending me, Mary!) I did sit on the edge of the bath with my feet in cold water for about half-an-hour.  It's amazing what one can rummage up from this position.  I located  a) an ankle bandage, b) a roll of bandage from 1984,  c) a safety pin,  and d) some medical disinfectant I'd only bought the day before (yes, I'd grazed my knees, too).  I'll go to the doctor tomorrow if my ankles get worse.

So, what would be the improbablity of me hurting both my ankles when, at the same time,  I  had a sore heel?

Oh, and did I ever tell you that the doctor gave me, in reference to my heel,  a mobile disability card to flaunt in my car window when I'm parked by the door of the supermarket?    I wonder if there's a sort of two-for-one card special I can get?

 Now, what with bandages, heel pads, orthotic soles, socks, how will I ever get my foot into any shoes?  And I'm off to Queenstown soon.  Yeah, right, I'll really be able to explore that area thoroughly.  Not.

Oh, incidentally, J, my swimming buddy, fell off a stool she was standing on  yesterday (whilst she was burrowing in a high cupboard) and hurt her shoulder really bad.  She ended up with all her art gear sprawled around her, and an easel bouncing off her head.  It seems that not only are the two of us competitive in our winter swimming, we also like to 'fall down' together!  Hope you get better, J.


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