Thursday, January 24, 2013

random thoughts

My name is Lorraine, I live in Wellington, New Zealand, and I'm an addict - to a Kindle!  Ever since I 'elbowed' my Kindle, I have been in complete bereavement mode.  I'm trying like mad to get another one.  Dick Smith are sold out completely.  I've ended up buying one through .  Hope it comes soon.

After my fall the other day, I still have two very sore ankles, heavily bandaged - though I did go to the chemist and got proper ankle bandages.   Trouble is now I have to dress down to match my very obvious bandages  and this is totally annoying because I wanted to look cool when I go to Queenstown soon.   Now with my stick,  and two not-very-fashionable ankle bandages, I look like some little old lady - oh, wait, I am a little old lady!   I have the utmost faith in swimming however, that all the kicking in the water will cure my ankle, so I will try to swim today.  Providing there's no jellyfish about.

Saw "Django Unchained" yesterday.  What a good movie.  I did close my eyes during the dog scene, but small price to pay for enjoying the rest of it.   I've never really cared for Jamie Fox, but I must say he was rather sexy-looking as Django.  I liked all the characterisations in this movie, even Leonard DeCaprio whom I've never liked much either. 

Oh, and I finally got  around to seeing "Argo" last week.  Ben Affleck is a wonderful director.

My friend and writer, A J Ponder - along with Rona Gallery/bookshop in Eastbourne - is running an art competition for Wellington region artists.  Details can be got from  A.J.'s website:

"The Hobbit" is still doing great guns in Wellington at all the theatres.  Such pleasant memories of when I was in Matamata.

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