Sunday, January 20, 2013

Criminal Minds and me test rating it

Hi there.  In New Zealand tomorrow night (21 January 13) the latest season of "Criminal Minds" starts.  This is the episode that I saw as part of the test audience at the tv centre at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last August.

We were all given a little hand-held dial with numbers on it.  If we liked the bit of the programme we were watching, we turned the dial up.  If we didn't like it, we turned the dial down.   If we'd have turned off our tv set at home at a certain point in the action, then we were now required to press a button.  One or two of the scenes were going to be digitally altered later on, especially some of the scenes involving a lot of blood.  There was one scene where I actually closed my eyes (well, we all know that 'Criminal Minds' adores its violence, don't we?).  I brought the dial right down to practically zero for a few minutes there.

At the beginning of the episode Garcia has just come back from the Olympics in London and the funny thing was that as I was in Las Vegas watching this test tv programme the Olympics were still on in London!

I also had to fill in (on a computer screen) a form about the episode and whether I liked each actor.  Goodness, it was so mind-numbing to think that I could have been responsible for some actor getting the sack from future episodes.  Jeanne Triplehorn was a new character and I like her in other stuff, for instance "Big Love".  I gave her a big tick.

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