Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ohope Beach and cute cat

I was staying at Ohope Beach, just out of Whakatane for two weeks at the beginning of December.   I do love it there.  I was walking along the beach there once and I saw, of all things, a cat having a frolic in the water.  Apparently this cat loved it's daily wander in the shallows.  When it's mistress is searching for shellfish, the cat is tied to the shellfish bucket on the sand.  The cat saw a big dog one day and chased it like a maniac down the beach, tugging the shellfish bucket behind it, with the cat's mistress sprinting along in the rear.

The cat also travels, in the summer months,  around New Zealand in a converted bus.  Loves every second of it.

P.S.  Only one jellyfish slithered over me at Hataitai Beach today when I was swimming, but there were a lot of them on the shore apparently, a fact I did not realise until I got out of the water - otherwise I would never have got in!

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