Thursday, January 24, 2013

More improbabilities

Today I've been on edge waiting for my Kindle to arrive by courier.  I kept running to the window all morning checking.  Nothing.   In the pm I went into the backyard to do a spot of sun basking.  But just in case, I took a dress to quickly throw over my shorts and top.  I didn't want the courier to catch me on the hop.  No-one must see my flabby tummy and big fat thighs.  I have some pride.

By 2 30 pm, I decided to sink myself (mainly for the sake of my poor ankles) into a hot (bubble) bath.  I plunged down in amongst the suds, breathed out a sigh of contentment and then  - there was a loud banging on my front door!

"Just a sec!  Hang on!  Wait up-!"   Where was my dress?  My sarong?  Anything!    Oh dear, and I was bare footed, too, and hobbling.\   Finally, I found a dress, threw it over myself in a wet hurry, and  with bubbles still clinging to my arms and legs, and in a suddenly soaking dress I threw open the door.  Goodness knows what the courier guy must have thought? 

Out of all the minutes in a  24 hour day or maybe, let's say, a 12 hour day (because couriers probably don't deliver at midnight),  this courier picked to come to my house the minute I sat back contently in my bubble bath.  What are the odds?   Probably pretty okay odds when youre' dealing with an improbability queen like myself. 

I haven't tried out the Kindle yet.  What are the probabilities there, then?

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